What is PMC?

What is PMC?


NComputing PMC is an endpoint management system designed and developed to remotely manage NComputing access devices including LEAF OS devices (PCs/Laptops), RX420(RDP), RX-RDP+, RX-RDP and RX-300 thin clients.  

PMC is provided as a virtual appliance and can be easily deployed on Azure Cloud, or installed on any VM that is compatible with VMWare ESXi, Citrix XenServer or Hyper-V. Here is how to download it. 


Manage devices located in local and wide area networks (WAN), including devices behind firewalls and NAT-routers. Working-from-home and hybrid workforce deployments fully supported.
Easy to use PMC web-based user interface, accessible from any browser anywhere.
Secure HTML5 remote screen shadowing on devices.
Secure device onboarding with optional passcode protection.
Provision device profiles and push configurations to individual or grouped devices.
Automatic discovery, check-in, and provisioning of new devices.
Advanced hierarchical device grouping and profile assignment for cross organizational deployment.
Event scheduler for device reboot, shutdown, or remote firmware update.
Built-in repository for firmware, certificates, and wallpapers for managed devices.
Real-time dashboard summary.
Detailed event logging with filtering capability.
Simple virtual appliance deployment on Azure Cloud and with popular hypervisors including VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Licensing requirements

Each RX-RDP, RX-RDP+, RX420(RDP) and LEAFOS(x86) device comes with a perpetual license for the PMC software and first-year complimentary software maintenance updates (AMP for RX-RDP). Extended AMP for RDP licenses must be purchased and allocated to each RX-RDP, RX-RDP+, RX420(RDP), and/or LEAFOS(x86) device to allow new firmware updates after the first-year.
For RX300, a valid AMP for vSpace Pro ;or AMP for VERDE VDI subscription is required.

For more information.  

Check out our PMC webpage
If you have further questions, contact our support team

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