What is LEAF OS?

What is LEAF OS?

NComputing LEAF OS is a next-generation software endpoint solution that transforms any x86-64 PC or laptop into a secure and centrally managed endpoint.

Designed and optimized for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC,  Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), vSpace Pro Enterprise, VERDE VDI and Remote Access, LEAF OS delivers a secure computing environment to access virtual desktops and virtual apps from any x86-64 system. It can be used as a self-contained operating system when booted from a USB drive. This methodology leaves the user's existing operating system, files, and hard drive untouched while providing an ideal environment for work-from-home use cases. When users finish their work, a simple reboot to their native OS restores their device to personal use.

Alternatively, LEAF OS can be used to repurpose PCs and laptops by converting any x86-64 hardware from a stand-alone computer to a dedicated thin client by installing directly onto an internal hard drive, removing the old system and files. This method extends the usefulness of aging computers using end-of-life operating systems like Windows 7 while giving users powerful up-to-date desktops.

LEAF OS also comes with integrated local Chromium browser support, provides additional flexibility such as web kiosk mode or productivity mode with direct access of web content and web apps without desktop virtualization. Other popular applications such as local Microsoft Teams and Zoom are supported.

LEAF OS devices can be remotely managed by the IT admin via NComputing's PMC Endpoint Management system. LEAF OS devices provide a simple to deploy, centrally managed, high performance virtual desktop, perfect for use in SMB and SME organizations with Microsoft Windows Server or VDI infrastructure for on-premise and cloud deployment.