What does Shutdown, Abort and Revert mean on the VERDE Management Console?

What does Shutdown, Abort and Revert mean on the VERDE Management Console?

Product Line:  VERDE

The following article is specific to customers using the Verde platform and Verde Management Console to control VERDE virtual desktops.   This is NOT for the user of the vSpace platform.

You will find three buttons on the VERDE Management Console/Reporting/Users/Live Sessions web page (see screen shot).  Here are the definitions and usages for the buttons.

Shutdown is like on a physical PC doing a physical shutdown where everything is stopped by the OS and the PC stops running.

Abort is like on a physical PC when you do a ctrl-alt-del (apps/data could be in an indeterminate state) so not a good idea unless the VM is stuck and won't shutdown.

Revert is more interesting. 

Either the Admin or the User (with Verde client) can highlight a virtual Desktop and click ‘Revert’.

What this does is reloads the ‘Read only’ copy of the System partition (OS + orginal applications) and takes it back to the latest Gold image version.

So if a User had ‘Admin’ rights to a virtual session, anything they would have updated in the OS (Registry, Apps, Patches, etc) would be ‘reverted’ back to the more current status of the Gold image.


Note:  This does not alter the User partition in any way.  It remains persistent.

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