Cannot connect to vSpace Server after a major Windows OS update

Cannot connect to vSpace Server after a major Windows OS update

After a major Windows OS update, sometimes, important registry keys that vSpace uses may be accidentally removed during the Microsoft update process. 

Possible symptoms resulted from this could be inability to establish vSpace sessons from NComputing thin clients, or vSpace Console can't connect to vSpace Manager with a warning message "the specified computer cannot be found or is not running vSpace Manager. Please try again."  

vSpace does keep a backup that can be used to restore these files to integrity. When this issue happens, 
please follow the below instructions to restore these important registry keys: 

1. Find the registry keys backup file on your NComputing Server's directory (see screenshot below). 
Then, select a desired backup file and double click it to start the restore process.

2. You will be prompted with a warning.  Select 'Yes' to proceed. 

3. Also click 'Yes' to reconfirm this action in the next window.

4. After this process, please reboot the host computer.
5. After the computer restarts, make sure that the vSpace Console is connecting to the vSpace Manager. There should be no more warnings. Also check the the thin clients are connecting.

Another solution, would be to re-install vSpace using the latest version directly form our website.
If you need step-by-step instructions, or you need any further questions, you can contact our support.

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Last Edited: Sept 22, 2020


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