vSpace and Antivirus Software

vSpace and Antivirus Software

In more current builds of vSpace Server software, the presence of an antivirus software (AV) has posed less of an issue.  However, if in some specific instance an AV software may show interference with vSpace operations, installation or registration we have a few words of advice below: 

Delay installation of an AV until vSpace has been installed and registered. 
When installing or re-installing our platform, it is better that an antivirus software install is delayed until our platform is well anchored and performing as expected.  This will ensure that there is no interference and will avoid unnecessary delays during setup of a vSpace host. 

Turn off AV during during conventional troubleshooting.
If you are experiencing issues of connectivity or registration, it is wise to turn off an antivirus software momentarily while troubleshooting is done.

Remove the AV during deep troubleshooting.
In extreme situations, our tech support may ask you to remove the antivirus during re-installation or registration.

Configure the AV.
We encourage that at all times, you have a good configuration of ports and allowed executables on your security software, firewall and network.  For a full list consult the documentation section of our website, download the L-300 / L-350 User Manual and see page 14 and 15.  Lastly, ensure that the AV software has white-listed the NComputing folder under the Program Files directory, this will ensure that essential files to your vSpace installation do not get scanned and altered by your security software.

For more information or inquiries, feel free to contact our tech support

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