vSpace 8 - Unsigned drivers

vSpace 8 - Unsigned drivers

vSpace 8 has no more support and is permanently discontinued.  Please upgrade promptly to our latest platform  vSpace Pro
If you need technical support to guide you on your upgrade, you can contact us here

When installing vSpace you may receive an error message regarding Unsigned or Un-trusted drivers.

Microsoft security advisory: Deprecation of SHA-1 hashing algorithm for Microsoft root certificate program: January 12, 2016


Please ensure that Microsoft KB 3123479 is installed

Also, Microsoft KB 2949927 has been removed. (this was superseded by KB 3123479)



Microsoft KB 3123479 added support for SHA-256 certificates


Therefore, NComputing updated the certificate for trusted installers to comply. if KB 3123479 is not installed the NComputing drivers will not be "Trusted"


vSpace will appear to be installed correctly, the services will be running correctly but NO Sessions will be served to clients.

Article #KB114
Last Edited: June 8, 2020