Virtual Machine deployment tips for vSpace Pro deployment

Virtual Machine deployment tips for vSpace Pro deployment

vSpace Pro can be deployed on a Virtual Machine environment, just the same as a Bare Metal (hardware) environment.  However, here are some tips we have for you if you choose to deploy a VM with vSpace.
  1. It is assumed that you are comfortable and familiar with the use of Virtual Machine Hypervisor of your choice.  
  2. Make plans on the networking configuration of the virtual machine. By default, a virtual machine can create an isolated network of its own you may need to make some configurations to the settings of the VM in order for it to talk to your local network, such as bridging the VM’s NIC card to the physical NIC card of the server.  
  3. Consider our article for hardware specs.
  4. When choosing to deploy a VM environment using a Windows Operating System, we recommend the following hypervisors: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, or Citrix Xen Server. 
  5. If you use Hyper-V, please see this article:
  6. We urge you to use caution when using free iterations of Virtual Machine Monitors as these may have less needed configurations, show discrepancies or may not be sufficient to cater to all requirements for vSpace or PMC to run properly.  (For example, as of the time of this writing, USB redirection doesn’t seem to work well in VMWare Workstation. Also, Virtual Box seems challenging to allow PMC networking configuration)
  7. If you were to choose between a Virtual or Metal environment, the performance for the vSpace would tend to run better in a physical server with a Windows Operating System. Nevertheless, choosing a Virtual environment is definitely feasible and has also great benefits if maintained properly and skillfully.  

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