VERDEOS - Changing from OVS to Native Linux

VERDEOS - Changing from OVS to Native Linux

Product Line:  VERDE

It may become necessary to disable OVS and run on Native Linux.  Here are instructions to do so:

Standard Linux Network Configuration - VERDEOS

From the Linux command line:

- Login as admin
- VERDE-Menu Welcome screen
- Press "1" to enter the Network Configuration Setup Wizard
- Press "1" again
- Select option labeled "Use Standard Linux Network Configuration"
- Confirm selection "Use Standard Linux Network Configuration? y
- Press "F6" to continue
- "Server Role" screen
- Select server role, usually option #1 - Cluster Master + Management Console + VDI Server
- "Public Address" screen
- Enter static IP or FQDN which will be used to access this server.

-- At this point VERDE-Menu shows a * by "Network Configuration" 
-- No further configuration is needed in the VERDE-Menu

- Main Menu
- Select option 10 - Root Shell (Requires password"
- Enter password for root

-- Minimal steps to configure a cluster server. 
- Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-XXX scripts as needed
- Manually start network, "service network start"
- Edit /etc/fstab to mount shared storage to /home/vb-verde
-- Ensure the mounted storage is owned by vb-verde.vb-verde

- Start VERDE services
- As root run "service VERDE start"

-- From this point you can stop and start VERDE services from within the VERDE-menu


if you have an interface named eth0 and you specified "eth0" in the VERDE general settings as the bridge interface. Then if you reboot the server, VERDE will move ifcfg-eth0 to ifcfg-eth0-- and then create a new ifcfg-eth0 defining the  bridge. 


If that's not happening, then simply create the bridge script yourself  (example follows) specify the bridge interface in the VERDE configuration.



The following is a sample bridge interface configuration file using a static IP address:

Sample ifcfg-br0 interface configuration file



To complete the bridge another interface is created, or an existing interface is modified, and pointed to the bridge interface. The following is a sample Ethernet interface configuration file pointing to a bridge interface. Configure your physical interface in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX, where X is a unique number corresponding to a specific interface, as follows:

Sample ifcfg-ethX interface configuration file