VERDE/VERDEOS - Remote Access- Allow USB Redirection Through the Firewall

VERDE/VERDEOS - Remote Access- Allow USB Redirection Through the Firewall

Product Line:  VERDE

With the need for users to access Target PC's via VERDE's Remote Access feature; so is the need to be able to access a USB storage device connected to your current/local PC and upload the data to the Remote Accessed Target PC.

Following are steps to enable and access the USB drive data:

Install the VERDE Remote Access Tools (downloaded from the UC5 interface) on the TARGET PC.
On the TARGET PC, Open the Windows Defender Firewall
Select the inbound Rules option:

Right click and select New Role option:

Select Program option and click on next.

  Select the program path option and click on Browse:

        Select Verde-usb-client64 from C:\Program Files\VERDE\System folder and click on open.

Now click NEXT

Select Allow the connection option and click on Next:

Select all three options i.e., Domain, Private and Public and click on next.

Name the Rule for example:  Verde_remote_USB and click on Finish.


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