Verde Remote Access Product Questions and Answers

Verde Remote Access Product Questions and Answers

Product Line:  VERDE

1) Sizing

Question: How many physical  PSs can be managed by one CB? Answer: Remote Access feature is an enhancement to the existing VERDE Connection Broker. The only real difference is that the CB will be passing traffic to a physical PC instead of a guest session hosted by KVM. It is reasonable to assume that the sizing and capacity of CB for Remote Access will be very similar to what is currently required for standard VERDE. For example, our large customer in Korea has peak usage of 1,500 concurrent connections using one CB. 

Question: Is it planned to equip with multiple CBs for managing a large number of PCs, say 1,000 or more? Answer: Capacity planning for Remote Access will be very similar to that of current VERDE. There is no technical limitation preventing a customer from deploying 2 or more CBs in their environment. In fact, depending on network topology it may be more convenient to deploy multiple CBs. You must remember that the CB must be able to connect to the Remote PC so network setup will be important.


2) Virtual Appliance Platform

Question: Is it necessary to buy RDS CAL when we install VA on Hyper-V? Answer: The Remote Access VA is Linux-based. It requires no RDS CAL license. Microsoft licensing for remote PCs as well as Windows-based guest session remains the responsibility of the customer.

Question Is it possible to install VERDE Remote Access on a Linux server (e.g. CentOS 7) without using OVA ? Answer: Remote Access is an enhancement to standard VERDE. Therefore, RPM and VERDEOS distributions of VERDE 8.2.7 will include this feature. The OVA format is intended to be used by customers with very limit IT capabilities.


3) Requirement

- Wake on LAN function is essential for accessing a Remote PC in office from home.

Question:  Do you have a plan to include that function? Answer: we have discussed this and will give this feature consideration for future updates.

- Users require tablets or smartphones as an access device. 

Question:  Please include the above requirement in the roadmap. Answer: we will internally consider the merits of adding this to the roadmap. 


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