VERDE Remote Access Licensing The Way It Works

VERDE Remote Access Licensing The Way It Works

Product Line:  VERDE

VERDE Remote Access - Setup - We now provide an OVA  and VHD  virtual appliance to be used to install VERDE to provide a fast and easy way to try the Remote Access feature. However, the other installation methods (RPM and VERDEOS)  are also include the Remote Access feature.

NComputing offers two types of VERDE licenses:

VERDE VDI Annual Seat License (SKU: VERDE8-CCU-1A - MSRP: $120/seat/year) - this is a concurrent connection license and supports both VDI and Remote Access sessions. After installing VERDE you will be prompted to register the product with our Management Portal. Upon successful registration we automatically enable a 10-seat / 30-day trial license of VERDE8-CCU-1A. As mentioned, this trial license supports VDI and Remote Access type connections.

VERDE VDI Remote Access Seat License (SKU: VERDE-WFH-1A-10 - MSRP: $800 for 10 seats/year) - note that this license is sold in "10-pack" bundles. The per-seat cost is significantly less than VERDE8-CCU-1A ($80/seat/year) but it only supports Remote Access type connections. So, VDI connections will not consider using this license type.

The way the licensing works:

If a VDI session connection is requested VERDE attempts to find an available VERDE8-CCU-1A license. If found, the connection is granted and that license is temporarily in-use until the session is terminated.

If a Remote Access session connection is requested VERDE first attempts to find an available VERDE-WFH-1A-10 license - so this license type is the priority for RA connections. If none are found then an attempt is made to find an available VERDE8-CCU-1A license. If a license is found then the connection is granted and that license is temporarily in-use until the session is terminated.
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