VERDE Clustered Deployment Using Microsoft Azure File Shares. This is Specific to CIFS

VERDE Clustered Deployment Using Microsoft Azure File Shares. This is Specific to CIFS

Product Line:  VERDE

Click on Storage accounts in the left navigation bar or the main button. 

Click + Add to create a new Storage account:

Select the relevant Subscription account, resource group and location. Note: the location must be the same as your VERDE servers.

Recommendation: for performance reasons the Premium performance option should be selected

Click “Next: Networking >”

Select the most appropriate network connectivity method.

Selecting Public endpoint (all networks) is the simplest approach.
Selected networks or private endpoints can be configured to enable additional security. More advanced networking knowledge is required to properly select these options.
Click the “Review + create” button to validate and finalize the storage account:

Click “Create” button to create the storage account.

Create the File Share
Click on the premium storage account:

Click on the File Shares menu option then “+ File share” to create a new file share:

Enter a name for the File Share and a quota:

Note: The performance of the File Share increases based on the Quota. Consider the following examples:


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