Verde Client Auto-logon / Windows Line command VERDE Image startup

Verde Client Auto-logon / Windows Line command VERDE Image startup

Product Line:  VERDE

As of VERDE 8.2.1, you can automate the VERDE-Client/Image startup by a line command on the user's client/workstation.  This does require that the Verde-Client be installed on the pc/workstation.

Following is a help sheet listing all available command/switches.  All three protocols (RDP, SPICE and UXP) are supported.

Available Commands/Switches
To obtain aforementioned pop-up screen, merely type the verde-client.exe -h as follows:

C:\Program Files\VERDE>verde-client.exe -h

The following command string results in image/VDI entitled Win1064 on VERDE server starts up with user "robinpurv", password "********" and protocol SPICE

C:\Program Files\VERDE>verde-client.exe -c -D Win1064 -s -u robinpurv -p ********* -P SPICE

The following results in image Win732 running on server with user "robinpurv", password "********" and protocol RDP

C:\Program Files\VERDE>verde-client.exe -c -D Win732 -s -u robinpurv -p ********* -P RDP

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