VERDE Backup and Restore Procedures

VERDE Backup and Restore Procedures

Product Line:  VERDE


What are the steps for backing up and restoring the VERDE environment?



Our recommendation is to not back up the VERDE OS (for Bare Metal installs) or the Linux OS.  Rather, one should backup key directories and should the need arise, reinstall the OS and copy the directories back to the server after the OS has been re-installed.

Ensure all images are shutdown
Ensure all gold images are checked in
Stop the VERDE services:   service VERDE stop


Directories to backup:

  1. DB:

    Gold Images and VDI’s in default org:

The /home/v-vede/verde-orgs directory contains all the gold images and user specific data. Potentially, this can be a very large amount of data.

 In Order to Restore:
Install the same version of VERDE that was originally installed.
Make sure and assign the same password to mcadmin1 that was assigned to the original version
Do NOT make any changes to the newly installed VERDE.   
Stop the VERDE services (service VERDE stop).
  1. Copy the database files to /home/vb-verde/db
  2. Copy the gold images and user data to /home/vb-verde/verde-orgs
Restart VERDE services and Log into the Management Console.  Check for the presence of the gold images, Desktop Policies and Sessions Settings.

Test desktop connectivity.

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