VERDE 8.2.8 + - VERDE VDI GPU Setup and Configuration

VERDE 8.2.8 + - VERDE VDI GPU Setup and Configuration

Product Line:  VERDE

With the release of VERDE 8.2.8, support for most modern GPU Cards becomes available.

This article describes the setup and configuration required for a guest session hosted by VERDE VDI to leverage the capabilities of the GPU card. 

      • CentOS 7.9 with all updates installed
      • VERDE VDI 8.2.8 installed
      • At least one GPU card installed
      • Install vgpu-util utility in /usr/lib/verde/bin folder

Linux Commands:
Add the configured GPU unit, identified by GUID, to VERDE image using vgpu-util (see below):

Launch the image
Usage of vgpu-util:
vgpu-util --user USER_NAME --image IMAGE_NAME --uuid UUID

      • user – user name
      • image – Gold Image name
      • uuid – unique identifier for the GPU, for example ()b03beb30-a3bd-45a0-bef5-31f173cfa443 

User name parameter – should be in same format used by the VERDE client.

For example,
      Local users: --user TESTUSER
      AD users: --user TESTUSER@AD
      Image name – same as the Gold Image UI, column NAME

Using the following as an example:

Should use: --image  Win1021h1

uuid – this is the UUID generated after configuring the vGPU ( step 4 -”Generate a correctly formatted universally unique identifier (UUID) for the vGPU” in the NVIDIA setup by that link). User should use same UUID as was generated in NVIDIA steps.

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