VERDE 8.2.8+ Image Clean Up Function

VERDE 8.2.8+ Image Clean Up Function

Product Line:  VERDE


Customers have reported that a few of the Gold Images fail to delete.  When they click on Delete icon, it starts the Delete process but goes into an infinite loop and never ends.

Even after rebooting the server, it keeps on showing the progress bar.  See the following screen shot.

A script function has been created to resolve these types of issues.  The script can be downloaded from the following link:

To use, download the script entitled "FinishAllOperations" to the VERDE (CM) server.
Now, simply execute as follows:

./FinishAllOperations <ImageName>

**Note**  <ImageName> is the name of the image to be fixed.  The image names are the names in the far left column of the Gold Image page.
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