Using VNC with RX-300 and RX-RDP

Using VNC with RX-300 and RX-RDP

Product Line:  VERDE

There is a known limitation with VNC:

The ‘/novcast’ custom parameter for the RDP connection allows the customer to VNC-shadow the RDP session, but it disables the vCAST technology, which is the main feature of the SuperRDP software. As stated in the RX-RDP User Guide,  the RDP client in most scenarios is using a hardware-accelerated (Dispmanx) drawing method. vCAST needs it. The drawing results in such case are invisible for VNC server and that’s why the black screen is observed in VNC viewer.

If you want to shadow the VERDE session, you need to disable vCAST by following the below procedures:

To view session running on RX300 or RX-RDP Devices, use /novcast parameter in RDP, VERDE RDP settings. See below screenshot:

VERDE RDP Settings:

RDP Settings: