Using NETCFG UI With AD Groups via BRIDGE Networking

Using NETCFG UI With AD Groups via BRIDGE Networking

Product Line:  VERDE

If you are using Domain/AD User Groups, Bridge networking and want to assign a range of IP's to your users, or you have some you want to assign a static IP, follow these instructions:
Using the NETCFG UI:

The User and Gold Image information is extracted from the Desktop Policy.


You can assign a Group Name.  Click on the Groups TAB, click on the group you're looking for and then click on the SELECT button.  All the users from the group are populated.

If you want to assign a STATIC IP to a specific user, click on the respective user STATIC check box.

By selecting test01@verdeldap, the box expands allowing you to assign specific desktop name and IP to the one user.  If the user has multiple gold images assigned, you need to select that from the Gold Image Drop down list:

Here's the user specific IP and Desktop Name assignment:

All remaining users will use the generic NETWORK setting from the bottom of the screen as in the following screen shot.  They'll have an IP of thru  TEST01 MUST be outside of this range.  All the remaining users' desktop names will start with the three letters "rob".

Once completed, return to the top of the screen and press the SAVE button.