Usage of VERDE/VERDEOS 8.2 Licensing Model

Usage of VERDE/VERDEOS 8.2 Licensing Model

Product Line:  VERDE

The VERDE 8.2 licensing model has a one-time use restriction.

It does have some maneurverability.  

Once the customer has the license, they can reallocate the seats contained in that license.

 For example, a user can redeem a license key on PoC server 1 which generated a 10-seat license that was automatically allocated to PoC server 1.

If the user wants to reallocate 1 or more of the 10 seats contained in that license to PoC server 2 he would do the following to share seats across the two servers:

 1) On PoC server 1 use the "Return" feature in the licenses web page to transfer 1 or more of the "seats" back to the Management Portal:

2) In the Management Portal - use the allocate feature to transfer 1 or more of the returned seats to PoC Server 2:

3) on PoC Server 2 - use the "Refresh" button on the licenses web page to force VERDE to retrieve updated license allocation from the Management Portal:

If you are having issues with your VERDE server communicating with the Management Portal, use the telnet command as follows from the VERDE server line command:

# telnet 443

You should see the following:

Connected to

If telnet is not installed on your server, type the following:

yum install telnet

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