Troubleshooting: vSpace and Dell Machines

Troubleshooting: vSpace and Dell Machines

Issues have been reported in the past with some Dell computer products, which prevented vSpace to install correctly or caused random disconnections or malfunction. 

If you are using the L or M series, the best solution is to ensure that you have the latest build of NComputing software: vSpace 8.  This version has added configurations in order to address these issues.  

However, if you are in need to use an older version of vSpace or you use X Series product, you may attempt the following:  

Format your drive and install a clean Operating System from a genuine Windows disk.  If you are planning to do MultiUser with vSpace and share sessions, use a server Operating System like 2008 R2 or 2012.

Do not use the original factory install disks that came with the computer, as addendum software, configurations and bloatware may be the cause for some of the issues above mentioned. 

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