Troubleshooting Installation Errors on VERDEOS Bare Metal

Troubleshooting Installation Errors on VERDEOS Bare Metal

Product Line:  VERDE



When configuring a new VERDEOS installation, you might encounter the following error message when attempting to start VERDE services from the command line:


ERROR: "verde-config -u -f /tmp/vmAnswerFile" failed 
 with error code 1. 
 Press ENTER to continue

or you might encounter the following message when running verde-config from the command line:

 the meaasge is "both POSIX and symlink-based 
locking failed. cannot determine a locking type for verde-dbmond"

 This is usually the result of the ownership of either or both of these two directories belonging to someone other than vb-verde:

  • /home/cacheio
  • /home/vb-verde


Run the following command to change ownership of directory to correct value.

chown -R vb-verde:vb-verde /home/vb-verde


chown -R vb-verde:vb-verde /home/cacheio

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