Things You Should Not Do When Creating A Gold Image

Things You Should Not Do When Creating A Gold Image

Project Type: VERDE
There are three mandatory settings (SessionSettings) when creating a new Gold Image.  These three settings should remain in the Default SessionSetting so that every image gets the correct settings.  The three are:  Networking needs to be NAT, USER Image size should remain the default size and user type must be local user.  See the following:

#1 Networking:

  • You MUST create your gold images with NAT networking.
  • It’s preferred for consistency sake that you use the Default Session Setting with NAT networking to create all gold images
  • Once the gold image is complete (the gold image has rebooted, you’ve logged back in to ensure all drivers are registered) and you check in your gold image…then..
  • You can assign the VM to the users with a SessionSetting that includes BRIDGE networking. 

#2 User Image Size:

  • You SHOULD create your gold image's User Image with the default sizing (2 GB  see screen shot).
  • There is no valid usage of a large user image file in the gold image.  It will not be used.
  • You can set the guest images' user image files to as large as needed.
  • If you absolutely MUST use a larger user image in the gold image, restrict your choices to:  2, 4, 8, 16 or 32GB.

#3 Local User:

You should NOT create a gold image that’s using a SessionSetting with the Active Directory tab defined.  You only create gold images with local (no AD tab Definition) user support. See the following screen shot:



Once your gold image is finished, rebooted, log back in, shutdown and check in the gold image, then the Users/SessionsSettings with AD definition can be matched up via the Desktop Policies:



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