Steps to Customize the VERDE Client Logo

Steps to Customize the VERDE Client Logo

Product Line: VERDE

The VERDE-Client supports customization features for customer. One is the changing app logo, and the other one is the replacing “About” page.

1. How to change the logo


1.1 Customer needs to prepare a logo file with this spec. Its name should be “app_logo.png”.

* Logo spec

n  Format : PNG

n  Width : 362px

n  Height : 86px

n  Bit depth : 24

 **  if logo is larger than 362 x 86, then it will not be rendered and default image shall be displayed.

1.2 Copy created logo file to the folder where the setup file resides.

2. How to change the “About” page


2.1 Create a html file and file name should be “app_about.html”. Please refer example file called “app_about_sample.html” file.  Please be noted

2.2 Copy created html file to the folder where the setup file resides.


3. Please check all of files are reside in the same folder.

·         VerdeClient_1.x.x_32_64_setup.exe

·         app_logo.png

·         app_about.html

3.1 Archive three files into .ZIP and distribute to end user for their installation.


4. User shall unzip it and Install VerdeClient


These two files can be found in C:\Program Files\VERDE . You can replace or remove these files to change or reset to default image if you need. 

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