Start Creating a Windows 11 Gold Image in VERDE 8.3.4 and Above

Start Creating a Windows 11 Gold Image in VERDE 8.3.4 and Above

Product:  VERDE

This article is designed to assist in the creation of your first and subsequent Windows 11 gold images.

First thing, create a Session Settings specific to Windows 11.  It can be a copy of the Default VDI Session Setting with the exception of the System tab.  You need to enable SECURE BOOT as shown (underlined) in the following screen shot.

Now you can continue as usual, selecting the Windows 11 ISO and the newly defined Session Setting (DefaultWin11):

Before you attempt to access and build the gold image, read the remaining instructions in this article.  Timeliness is an imperative.

Bring up the VERDE-Client and select the target gold image.

As soon as the black window pops up at the beginning of creating the Windows 11 Gold Image (see screen shot)

QUICKLY click on the window and press enter a number of times.  Even if the window gets to the following,  CLICK ON THE SCREEN

You want to see the following window:

Once the TianoCore emblem is displayed, leave the window alone.  When it's finished loading, you'll receive the following:

You can now continue as usual.

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