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As computers continue to play a increasingly critical role in the classroom, software-driven learning systems are quickly becoming an integral part of the educational process. Products like iStation offer an interactive, adaptive learning experience for students and powerful resources for teachers. 

There are a few different ways to configure a system to provide istation functionality for NComputing desktop sessions. The simplest setup involves the use of a script which automates the creation of separate istation folders and executables for each NComputing user session. This automated process avoids the need for more complicated methods such as the use of virtual IP addresses.


To begin, download the attached PDF guide titled HOW TO - Configuring iStation for use with NComputing. (Attached)

Next, download the istation.txt file appropriate for your environment.

vSpace 6 users download istation_vspace6.txt (Attached)

vSpace 4 users download istation_vspace4.txt (Attached)

Once you've downloaded these two components, refer to the PDF guide for further instructions.


For more information on istation, visit

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