Settings to Make VERDE Function in VirtualBox

Settings to Make VERDE Function in VirtualBox

Product Line:  VERDE

By default, virtual technology is not enabled in VirtualBox,.  To enable VT-x, there's a required command to run for Intel chip set.   AMD chip set can be done via VirtualBox GUI.  Below is instruction on how to configure VT-x for Intel chip set.

In order to run nested virtualization on VirtualBox,  VT-x (virtual technology) needs to be enabled (same as for physical server).  below is steps to enable VT-x for Intel CPU
1.  make sure VirtualBox 6.1.x is installed / in use, if not, please update VirtualBox to latest version (6.1.x)
2.  start a command line terminal on your Windows machine where VirtualBox is installed (cmd)
3.  issue the following command
     SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox  (this is the default Virtualbox installation path, if changed during installation please use the correct path)
4. now check the available VM available in VirtualBox
     vboxmanage list vms
    this should list the available VMs.
5. enable VT-x for a specific VM
    vboxmanage modifyvm “VM name” –nested-hw-virt on
6. check VT-x is enabled on the VM, start the VM, and from VM command line
    $egrep –color -i “svm|vmx” /proc/cpuinfo
For Intel CPU, search for vmx in the output.  This is the indication VT-x is enabled.
Above information is from the two websites below:
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