Setting up Tenant/ORGs in VERDE/VERDEOS

Setting up Tenant/ORGs in VERDE/VERDEOS

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To set up an ORG/Tenant in VERDE, refer to the following steps:

Go to the MC/Configuration/Organizations and CREATE NEW.
In put and name and a Web Name.  The users will use this name to access their org.
Make sure you populate the Resource Limitations and License Utilization.  You'll enter the number of licenses that will be used by the ORG users. 

Now access Computer Resources.  This is where you assign your ORG to the available server(s).

Go back to the Configuration/Organization page.  Click on the SWITCH CONTEXT button to access the new TENANT:

Access LDAP Connections and create a NEW LDAP Connection.  This will be used by your new ORG users to access their Guest Images.  All users in the Tenant must be LDAP/AD users.

To add a Tenant Guest Image user, go to Configuration/Administration/Users

Take notice that you can only add LDAP users.  My testldap is already pre-selected.  You'll need to scroll down and this is the only instance where you must select the DESKTOP USER role.  The role was created specifically for Tenant creation.

Now, when the Desktop User logs in, they must include the tenant name with the IP address/tenant:

Next, we'll create an Organizational Administrator.  This will be a VERDE local user and will only have access to the new tenant (tester).

Access the Management Console with the regular Admin user (mcadmin1).  Access MC/Configuration/Administration/Users.  CREATE NEW and add in a new local user and make the user an Organization Administrator.

Return to the ORGANIZATIONS page and ADD your Org Admin user as one of the Administrators:

Once saved, you'll see the userid listed with the TENANT on the Organizations page:

For the new Organizational Admin to log into the MC, they'll type https://<IPAddress:8443/<tenantName>/mc as in the following screen shot:

And now, they are logged into the correct ORG/Tenant:

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