RX-HDX Factory Reset

RX-HDX Factory Reset

This article is for administrators needing to reset an RX-HDX device with a manual process because it has somehow locked or stopped responding to the management tools.

Introduction to Factory Rest (FW 2.40.2144+)

Important - Do not use a KVM or Wireless keyboard for these actions

1.  When booting up, repeatedly press both Ctrl and Shift keys until a text-based prompt appears.

2. You will see the below on the display

            You have pressed Ctrl+Shift the Factory reset Hotkey!
            Do you want to Factory Reset this device?..............
            To Factory reset this device type in the word yes and press return (Note - US keyboard layout)

3. Type in "yes" within 10 seconds and press enter

4. The device will factory reset itself and reboot

5. After rebooting is done, you will see a screen similar to below indicating a factory reset has completed

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