Printer set up steps for your Gold Image and client host computer

Printer set up steps for your Gold Image and client (host computer)

Product Line:  VERDE

Steps for printer configuration: 


In the Guest OS (Gold Image) (For both client-printer and host-printer) 

· Start > Devices and Printers > Add a printer 

· In the dialog box select "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer" 

· Select "The printer I want isn't listed" 

· Next enter the name of the printer ( "\\host\client-printer" for client printer and "\\host\host-printer" for host printer) 

· In the driver selection dialog box select "Generic" as Manufacturer and "MS Publisher Color Printer" as printer. 

· Click on "Next" and finish the setup. 

In the Host OS (Client/Workstation/laptop/PC) (For client-printer only) 

· Configure the printer with proper drivers. 

· Set the printer to use as the Default Printer. 

· Install Adobe reader. 

In Verde server (For host-printer only): 

· The printer must be configured in the Verde server using cups 

· The printer to use must be set as the default printer.

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