PMC licensing

PMC licensing

PMC must be registered to the Management Portal upon installation before it can be used. Your Management Portal account will determine the licensing options available. It is important that you use the correct credentials when registering PMC to the Management Portal in order to receive the licensing benefits.

Please review the PMC licensing requirements below:


Each RX420(RDP), RX-RDP+ and RX-RDP device, and LEAF OS device license comes with a perpetual license of PMC software and first-year complimentary software maintenance update (AMP for RDP) license. After the first-year complimentary AMP for RDP has expired, the device will not be able to receive and apply firmware updates. An extended AMP for RDP licenses must be purchased and allocated to each RX420(RDP), RX-RDP+, RX-RDP and LEAF OS device to allow firmware updates via local or remote (via PMC).

The RX300 can be management by PMC, however specific requirements exist for qualified platforms. 
VERDE VDI: Your annual subscription to VERDE VDI determines the number of RX300 devices PMC can manage. If your annual subscription lapses, PMC will not be able to manage your devices.  

vSpace Pro: The number of AMP seats purchased determines the number of RX300 devices PMC can manage.  If your AMP subscription lapses, PMC will not be able to manage your devices.  

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