Pay Per Incident license, how to purchase.

Pay Per Incident license, how to purchase.

A Pay Per Incident license it's available for your purchase whenever you need access to support and you do not have a current AMP subscription.  Such fee will cover one incident for support when you need a call back or chat.

Different licenses are offered for additional functions, for example, this license could also be used as well to cover for RMA repair fees for support-approved RX Series Thin Clients.  

Before you proceed with the instructions below, make sure that you have an open ticket with support. Ask all the questions you need regarding your purchase and what you are getting it for.  They will be happy to guide you.

You can enter a ticket here:

Here is how to obtain your license: 

1. Access the Management Portal with your NComputing account. 

If your environment is brand new, and you do not have an account, please create one in order to do your purchase and make sure that you do use the very same credentials to register your new vSpace Software.

Once you are in our website, please click on the top right of the page, where it reads: Login | Register.

Choose whether you want to login or create an account for the first time. (it is completely free to create).  
When you sign up for an account, pay attention to the spelling of your email address.  You will be receiving a confirmation link to your email in order to validate your account.     

Once you have logged in, the Management Portal tab will appear.  Please click on it to enter. 

2. Make your purchase 

At the home page of the Management Portal, click on Purchase Licenses and Services.

You will be looking for Pay Per Incident licenses in order to make your purchase.

For this example, let's assume that you have an open ticket with support and you need to speak with them regarding your vSpace installation. In such case, you will click on the "Pay Per Incident - vSpace Support".  

As another example, if you were chatting with us about your RX Series device or paying for repair fees for your RX device, you will purchase the "Pay Per Incident - RX-Series Support".  

Once your choice is made, please click on the desired license. 

Then, click on "Purchase".  

You will get a reminder that our purchase is final and non-refundable.  Once you are ready to proceed, you will be asked for your credit card info.  

At the end of the transaction, save your receipt and reply to support through the last email you received from your ticket and notify us of your purchase.  
This will help to set things in motion for support to contact you soon. 

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Last Edited: July 20, 2020

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