NC-Debug utility download

The NCDebug tool is to be used only upon the request of NComputing's support personnel.  
Because of the nature of this tool, it may be necessary to turn off your security software for a brief time while you're collecting information with our tool.  
This will include the Windows Firewall (in order to download) and Windows Defender (in order to install and execute). 


NComputing has a "sampling" tool named NCDebug. This will take a "snapshot" of key areas of the Windows OS of your NComputing Server, like: Windows processes, installed apps, updates, system and application events.   
NComputing Support may ask you to run this tool to better understand the state of your NComputing server.  

Because this is a limited sample, it will only collect recent information. Then, when you are experiencing a problem and NComputing Support asks for a sample using this tool, make sure you replicate the reported issue in your server and sample your machine at the moment that the problem is exhibited. This will make the sampling more effective, as data is captured at the moment that the problem is happening.   

Sampling Process

Please do the following:

1. Download and run the NCdebug tool:

Alternative download (Compressed folder):

2. Run the application
3. Once it finishes gathering data, prepare your submission by filling all the blanks on the form in the app. Please, make sure every field is completed. 
3. In the comment section, add any final remarks about the issue you are experiencing.  
4. Click Submit. This will upload the collected information to our support team. 
5. Once these steps are completed, please notify the NComputing Support team or reply to the last email you received from them and let them know that you have submitted your NCDebug report.   

You should have an active support case before submitting a sample. You will have a space in the form to enter your ticket number. 
Only if you have an active support ticket or if you have an NComputing Tech requesting it, an NCDebug report will be seen.     

REV 06.22

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