Modifying VERDEOS Server IP Address As of 8.2.7/16500

Modifying VERDEOS Server IP Address As of 8.2.7/16500

Product Line:  VERDE

The following instructions will walk you through changing the IP Address of your VERDEOS server.  Ensure all images are shutdown.  From the server (not putty/ssh):

·         Access the VERDE-menu (/usr/lib/verde/bin/verde-menu)

·         Select Option 6:  Stop System Services and Networking:

It’ll ask if you want to shutdown.. YES
Select Option 1:  Network Configuration:

Select  Option 1:  Network Configuration Wizard:

·         Select Option 2:  NETWORK0 (simple whatever the NIC is named):

·         Select Option 3:  Remove Network:

·         Select Option 2:  (whatever the NIC name)…. Not configured:

Select Option 1:  Form New Networks:

Go with the Default values:  NETWORK0 and 1500... PRESS ENTER

·         Select Option 1:  Add VLAN or non-Vlan:

Continue as you normally do … this is where you enter the new IP address:

Host Access VLAN Tag default value 0    PRESS ENTER

Will this interface use DHCP… default value N  PRESS ENTER

Will this interface provide the server’s …. Default value Y  PRESS ENTER

Host-Access IP address …. Enter the new IP         PRESS ENTER

Host-Access Netmask                                                PRESS ENTER

Host-Access Broadcast address                               PRESS ENTER


Enter the Gateway IP Address and              PRESS ENTER

Enter the DNS IP Address and                       PRESS ENTER

Choose Server Role   Single Server or Cluster and             PRESS ENTER

The new Server IP Address should be displayed, and        PRESS ENTER

Choose External storage type and                                         PRESS ENTER

Select Option 1 (asterisk) – Network Configuration

Select Option 5 (asterisk) – Test Network

Go back to main menu  Option 7

Select Option 5:  Start System Services and Networking

Access the Management Console.  YOU SHOULD BE GOOD TO GO!!

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