Migrating vSpace Management Center 3.6 or 3.7 to later versions of vSpace Management Center

Migrating vSpace Management Center 3.6 or 3.7 to later versions of vSpace Management Center

When a update to vSpace Management Center is released it is important to update. Updates contain feature additions, security enhancements and updates as well as bug fixes.  The process is simple, see below:

  1. Create and save a backup of your current VMC configuration and data.
    1. Go to the text-based user interface (TUI) of your current VMC.
    2. Press CTRL-X to open the Setup Menu.
    3. Go to Backup/Create to create a backup file.
    4. Open a web browser and navigate to https://<VMC_3.7.XX_IP>/backup. Enter the credentials of the vmcadmin user when prompted.
    5. Download the created backup file. The file name contains the date and time when the file was created.
    6. Turn off current VMC.
  2. Import a new virtual appliance with VMC. Power it on and perform the initial configuration. Leave the appliance with an IP address obtained from a DHCP server or configure a temporary static IP address.
    1. When updating from 3.6, it will be necessary to change your IP address from DCHP to the Static IP address to the previous VMC.  Newer versions of the udpate process will automatically contain your network settings.
  3. Upload and restore the VMC backup you just created
    1. Open the TUI of the newly imported VMC virtual appliance
    2. Open a web browser and navigate to https://<VMC_3.7.XX_DHCP_or_Temporary_IP>/backup. Enter the credentials of the vmcadmin user when prompted.
    3. Click the Browse… button, select the file with old VMC backup and click the Upload button.
    4. Open console session to the new VMC and press CTRL-X to open the Setup Menu.
    5. Go to Backup/Restore and select the uploaded VMC backup file. Then press Enter.
    6. Restart the new VMC after the Backup is applied


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