Management Console General Settings/General Settings

Management Console General Settings/General Settings

Product Line:  VERDE

There are 2 settings in the Management Console/Configuration/General Settings/General Settings users often aren't aware are there or what they are for.

Enable Spanning Tree Protocol - this is advanced bridge feature. Spanning tree is helpful when you have multiple bridges on your network, and they can all collaborate to find the shortest path between two ethernets

Automatically enable KSM memory de-duplication if available?.  Spanning Tree Protocol KSM is a memory-saving de-duplication feature, that merges anonymous pages. To be effective, the operating system kernel must find identical memory pages held by different processes. The kernel also needs to predict whether the pages are likely to update infrequently enough that the merging would be an efficient use of processor resources. A concern is that although memory usage is reduced, CPU usage is increased, thus negating potential increases in performance.

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