Log4J security patch update for PMC 2.7.0 and PMC 2.9.0 deployments

Log4J security patch update for PMC 2.7.0 and PMC 2.9.0 deployments

A new security flaw, known as ‘Log4Shell’, poses a critical vulnerability to millions of applications and devices across the globe. Log4Shell is a software vulnerability in Apache Log4j, a popular Java library for logging error messages in applications. The vulnerability, initially published as CVE-2021-44228, enables a remote attacker to take control of a device on the internet if the device is running certain versions of Log4j.

NComputing strongly recommends customers to update to the latest PMC 2.9.4 version or apply corresponding PMC security patch updates if you already have PMC 2.7.0 or PMC 2.9.0 deployed.

PMC 2.9.4 and PMC security patches for PMC 2.7.0 and PMC 2.9.0 address the following ‘Log4Shell’ vulnerabilities:
  1. CVE-2021-44832 (new security patch included in 2.9.4 release - based on latest Apache security update released on Dec. 28, 2021)
  2. CVE-2021-45105 (existing security patch carried over from previous 2.9.3 release)
  3. CVE-2021-45046 (existing security patch carried over from previous 2.9.3 release)
  4. CVE-2021-44228 (existing security patch carried over from previous 2.9.3 release)
If you are planning a new PMC deployment, please use PMC version 2.9.4 or higher version which is available in NComputing Management Portal (link here), or on Azure Marketplace (link here).

If you already have PMC 2.7.0 or PMC 2.9.0 deployed, please follow this KB article to apply PMC security patches to upgrade to PMC 2.7.1 and PMC 2.9.4, respectively:

Link to PMC 2.7.1 security patch for PMC 2.7.0:

Link to PMC 2.9.4 security patch for PMC 2.9.0:
Below please find the procedures to apply the PMC security patch update to your existing PMC 2.7.0 or 2.9.0 deployoment

1. (Optional, but recommended) Make a snapshot of the PMC VM.

2. Connect to PMC with SSH (e.g. PuTTY) and log on as the ‘root’ user. If you did not change the ‘root’ user password according to the suggestion from PMC Release Notes, then the default ‘root’ user password is ‘pmcadmin’.

3.Change the directory to ‘/tmp’ and create the ‘patch’ folder there. Then change the directory to the newly created one:
            cd /tmp
            mkdir patch
            cd patch
4. Use SCP (e.g. WinSCP) to copy the zipped patch file (‘CVE-2021-44832-2.7.0-to-2.7.1+ssh-patch.zip’ or ‘CVE-2021-44832-2.9.0-to-2.9.4+ssh-patch.zip’) to ‘/tmp/patch’ folder on PMC server.

5. In SSH session, execute the following commands to unzip the patch file for PMC 2.7.0 or PMC 2.9.0, respectively:
unzip -j CVE-2021-44832-2.7.0-to-2.7.1+ssh-patch.zip
unzip -j CVE-2021-44832-2.9.0-to-2.9.4+ssh-patch.zip
6. In SSH session, execute the following command to set proper permissions on the patch script:
chmod +x apply-pmc-patch.sh

7. Execute the patch script:

8. Type ‘yes’ to confirm you want to proceed, when asked.

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