L300: Mouse or input device is behaving erratically.

L300: Mouse or input device is behaving erratically.

If an input device you use with your L Series device shows erratic patterns, seems to work intermittently, or doesn't work at all, there are a few tips that may help.

1. Sometimes, USB devices coming from different vendors, may use components that will contribute to such erratic behavior.  This is common in economy or generic brand devices.  Acquiring a known or more specialized brand device can help.   
2. In other scenarios, the engineering of such device requests a generous amount of electrical energy from the USB port. This is true on wireless devices, where the USB transmitter of a mouse or keyboard, requires more energy from the USB port where it's attached to, in order to transmit the wireless signal to the device.  One thing that can help on this scenario, is to transfer the USB device to the vertical 2.0 ports in the L300.  The ports for keyboard and mouse are only 1.1 complaint and if this is enough to satisfy most input devices. However, the 2.0 ports will be able to provide more electrical current for more power-hungry third-party devices.


REV 03.2020
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