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L300 Firmware Update: Manual Update from version 0.x to Firmware

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In the rare possibility are you may have an L300 with the first and original factory firmware, you may encounter issues updating further, or even reach to the latest version. 
• This article maybe helpful to you, however, it suggests the re-creation an older environment in order to favor the correct elements to a facilitate the needed process for future updates. Read carefully. 
• This article also assumes that you may have an older version of vSpace stored and available. Some of these versions, in fact, are legacy products that are no longer available for download, and even if you had them, will not sustain a production environment as they cannot be registered anymore. You may need to discuss with our support team if you have any questions on the process described in this article.
• This is a legacy article and the process has not been tested with the latest versions of vSpace Pro. 
Early edition L300s with firmware versions older than may encounter issues when attempting a firmware update using modern vSpace Server software. This includes older stock L300's, which come "out of the box" firmware version 0.10.11 or similar.


The L300 with firmware 0.10 must, first, be updated to FW before they can accept current-generation firmware builds. This firmware is offered as an attachment in this article and needs to be downloaded and applied to the unit.

Since the older, originate firmware does not offer an FTP option, the only possible way to update the unit is to re-create its original environment, in order to facilitate the suggested update. 


It may be possible to manually install FW on your L300 device by following the instructions below:

1. Download and unzip the file attached to this article (FW

2. From the ZIP file, extract and copy the following files
      • Index.txt

3. Place them in the appropriate location according to the version of vSpace you use: 
      vSpace 4:
            C:\Program Files\Common Files\NComputer
      vSpace 6:
            C:\Program Files\NComputing\NComputing vSpace\Bootsrv
      vSpace 8:
            C:\Program Files\NComputing\NComputing vSpace Server for Windows\Bootsrv
      vSpace Pro 10: 
            C:\Program Files\NComputing\vSpace Server Software\Bootsrv

4. Restart your vSpace server.

5. Begin the firmware update process on your L300.

6. Check if your the L300 has been successfully updated to firmware version If successful, run the update process once more to bring your L300 up to the firmware version supported by your current vSpace installation.

1. Multiple update attempts may be required to get the terminal(s) updated to the latest build.
2. vSpace 4, 6 and 8 are currently are outdated and non-supported platforms.  
3. Because this is a very rare and old issue, it is possible that when applying this solution, results may be best by using vSpace, version 4 or 6.
4. If you do not have a copy of these old vSpace platforms, at the time of the writing of this document, you may consult our tech support by entering a ticket here.  However, there is a possibility that outdated platforms of vSpace may no longer be offered. Ensure to send along with your ticket the serial number of the affected device.

REV 07.23
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