L Series: L-230, L-130 and Legacy Devices. About USB Device Support

L Series: L-230, L-130 and Legacy Devices. About USB Device Support

If you are using terminals that are not compatible with vSpace Pro 11 or Enterprise edition, likely, these are outdated and need to be upgraded.  
You can see our new line of products and consult your sales representative or authorized partner about updating your product.
Also, "Classic Versions" like vSpace 6 will be permanently discontinued after June 30th, 2020.  
Please upgrade promptly to our latest platform  vSpace Pro
If you need technical support to guide you on your upgrade, you can contact us here

NComputing does not officially support any USB devices other than Memory Sticks (pen drives) connected to the available USB port of L-series legacy devices.

Depending on the specific device driver and characteristics of the device, it may work or not.  Therefore, each USB device must be tested to determine functionality and compatibility with the terminal.

Some tips we can suggest while testing are: 

  1. Use modern NComputing products.  Using products that are current increase the chances of certain third party devices to work.  Our development and support is centered on current product.  Yet, we still do not offer guarantee of compatibility with third party devices and tests will be needed. 
  2. Update the NComputing platform to the latest.  USB improvements have been made in our newest platforms, yet, it is not a guarantee that all instruments will work. Careful tests for compatibility should be made with different devices before settling into investing on a specific device.
  3. Test with a powered USB hub.  At times the device is needing more electric power.  A USB hub may helo run this situation.  
  4. If using Barcode Scanners or card readers.  Sometimes PS2 technology can work better.  Using "Y" shape PS/2 adapter can work to attach the device and the local keyboard to the same port in the NComputing unit.    
  5. Once you found a combination that works, keep the environment static.  Sometimes, compatibility on a device can be locked to a specific environment. Like a specific version of Operating System, device drivers, vSpace or NComputing device firmware.

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Last Edited: May 21, 2020

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