How does LEAF OS compare to vSpace Pro Software Client

How does LEAF OS compare to vSpace Pro Software Client

vSpace Pro Software Client must be installed on Windows-based PCs, laptops or Chromebooks. The performance may be slow on aging PCs and laptops due to local OS and other apps workloads. The device is not locked down, has with limited USB peripheral redirection support and the configuration settings cannot be managed by vSpace Console or PMC.

LEAF OS is a Linux client OS which can be installed on standard X86/X64 based PCs and Laptops without any local OS required. LEAF OS devices run as a locked-down Linux ‘thin client’ offering great performance on aging PCs and laptops and provides extensive USB peripheral redirection support. Configuration settings can be managed by vSpace Console and PMC Device Management.

The following graphic illustrates the difference between LEAF OS and vSpace Pro Software Client installations.

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