Instructions for Enlarging the Gold Image (GUEST.IMG)

Instructions for Enlarging the Gold Image (GUEST.IMG)

Product Line:  VERDE

It's common place for a customer to need to expand the size of the Gold Image or a Clone.  Here are simple instructions:

  • Back up the Gold Image’s entire Directory (just in case).
  • If the target gold image has an associated Clone, back it up as well.
  • Check-out Gold image (or Clone)
  • Edit the Gold image (or Clone) Properties and increase the size of the System Image Max Size (GB) and ‘Save’ settings (this example is going from 50 GB to 70 GB)

  • Login to Gold/Clone image as the Master Administrator
  • Download and install the MiniTool Partition Wizard application from the following website:

  • Allow the MiniTool Partition Wizard to install and start up.  You should see something similar to the following:

  • Take note to the C: Drive.  It's currently 48.5 GB.  In the blue to the left, it says 70.00GB, the new larger size.  THAT MUST BE THERE FOR THIS TO WORK.
  • Now, right click on the C: Drive area as follows and click on EXTEND

  • The following pop-up is displayed.  

  • I'm choosing to use all 20GB.  So, I'm sliding the indicator all the way to the right:

  • Now press the OK button and then it will direct you to press the APPLY button and then you get the following warning:

  • After you press "Yes", you'll get a success message and the following is the result:

  • ******This is important***  Uninstall the MiniTool Partition Wizard software.  Do this before you shutdown, reboot and/or check in the gold image.  You can do this through Control Panel>Uninstall Programs.
  • You can now Shutdown/Power Off the gold image and check it in.
  • Access the respective guest image to check your own.  You should see all the new available space.