Installing vSpace So You Can Use the UXP Protocol With VERDE Remote Access

Installing vSpace So You Can Use the UXP Protocol With VERDE Remote Access

Product Line:  VERDE

Normal VERDE / Remote Access (RA) only allows for RDP protocol.  If you're interested in using the UXP protocol with RA, you'll need to follow these instructions. 

Are you asking yourself, "Why would I want to use UXP?"  Easy answer:  "UXP allows multiple concurrent connections to the same Remote Access Host machine."

You'll want to download and install a copy of vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition.
Go to our website ( and login. 
Click on "Support" then the Download Now button:

Scroll down a bit and select Product Model and Operating System (e.g., RX420(RDP) / Windows 10) then click "Apply":

Scroll down a bit more to the section related to vSpace Pro Enterprise:

Click DOWNLOAD to download the MSI installer file for vSpace Pro.

This should be installed directly on your Windows 10 "host" machine.

After installation and reboot, you then need to register the software using the same credentials used to access our Management Portal.

Then you'll be able to connect via UXP.

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