Installing VERDE (rpm) BRANCH on Centos7.x for VERDE 8.2.1, 8.2.2(rpm) and 8.2.3+

Installing VERDE (rpm) BRANCH on Centos7.x for VERDE 8.2.1, 8.2.2(rpm) and 8.2.3+

Product Line:  VERDE

Following are instructions for the installation of VERDE Branch on Centos7.  This incudes the installation and configuration of CENTOS7.

  • Burn Centos 7 Minimal to a CD/DVD or USB
    • Install the OS
    • Select your timezone
    • Enable the Network Interface
      • Use IPV4
      • Set to Manual
      • Enter IP, Subnet, Gateway and DNS IPs
    • Use the entire storage area on the server
    • Create a root password
    • After install completed.. reboot
  • Check the   /etc/resolv.conf to ensure your DNS server IP has been included:   vi /etc/resolv.conf
    • [root@localhost vb-verde]# cat /etc/resolv.conf
; generated by /usr/sbin/dhclient-script
nameserver            <--------DNS IP Address

Create the following file via the vi command:
      vi /etc/security/limits.d/95-verde.conf
Add the following lines of data:
* - nproc -1
* - nofile 65535

Manually disable SELinux by editing the file
     vi /etc/sysconfig/selinux
 Change the following line to:

Create the vb-verde user and add it to the root group with the following two lines of commands:
      useradd vb-verde
      usermod -G root vb-verde

Run the following linux updates..One at a time:

    yum -y update
    yum -y install epel-release
    yum -y --enablerepo=updates --enablerepo=base --assumeyes update openssl
    yum -y --enablerepo=updates --enablerepo=base --assumeyes install java-1.8.0-openjdk.x86_64
    yum -y --enablerepo=updates --enablerepo=base --assumeyes update libpng
    yum -y install gtk2
    yum -y install zip unzip
    yum -y install bridge-utils
     yum -y install net-tools
    yum -y install genisoimage
    yum -y install libogg
    yum -y install libvorbis
    yum -y install libxkbfile

***NOTE*** If you're going to have a clustered environment, you should mount the storage at this point.  You need to install the following for the mount of NAS/NFS:
yum -y install nfs-utils nfs-utils-lib

Move/copy the VERDE rpm's to the /root directory and run the following command to install

    yum --nogpgcheck install *.rpm

Restart VERDE services:

service VERDE restart

Configure the VERDE installation.  You'll need to select the server's function (Option 2 is CM/MD/VDI), provide the server's IP address and various other functional settings by running the following command:

/usr/lib/verde/bin/verde-config -i

You'll use default user vb-verde
If this is the Cluster Master use Server Role option 2.  
You'll provide the server's IP address
If this is a BRANCH, you'll be asked.

Is this a branch server (yes|no) [no]? 
Respond with a    yes

Then you're asked:
What is the address of the SmartSync Server []?

IMPORTANT...Input the IPAddress of the Cluster Master... Not the BRANCH.. the Cluster Master as follows:
You'll then be asked the SMART SYNC's Userid.  Type in   mcadmin1 or the equivalent.
You then need to enter the password for mcadamin1
The remaining questions can be left to default values.  
See the following screen shot.

Finally, disable the iptables and access the Management Console:

systemctl stop firewalld

systemctl disable firewalld

Log into the Branch server like you do the Cluster Master..  https://<BranchIP>:8443/mc

If you receive a 500 web page error, rerun the configuration again:

/usr/lib/verde/bin/verde-conf -i

In order to start receiving Guest Images on the Branch, you must assign the image and users via Desktop Policy/Deployment Modes.  Click on BRANCH button and select the check box.

If you look at the log /var/log/verde/1/vbbranchd.txt, you'll see the sync process immediately begins.

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