initramfs - RX-HDX Image Recovery

initramfs - RX-HDX Image Recovery

Method to recover from RX-HDX image corruption

Revision date: February 27, 2019


In some rare cases, certain RX-HDX software component(s) may become corrupted and resulted in the device not being able to boot up properly.

The customer should try to perform a factory setting reset  to determine if the issue can be resolved.

If the issue still cannot be resolved with the factory setting reset, the following procedures outline a recovery method which can be conducted by the customer to attempt to recover the device firmware image.


1. Get a USB stick

2. Download
and save it on the USB stick

(Doing so, check the file size of 959259 bytes, approx. 1 MB, and the MD5
sum of cff7ac47c014e4336f7adb6c59ea45da)

3. Get a normal firmware update LFI image (need to be firmware 2.40.4548 or later) and also put it on the USB stick

Here is the latest RX-HDX pre-release firmware (2.40.4548) as of February 27, 2019

4. Plug the USB stick into the defective device when it gives you this
"(initramfs)" prompt (see screenshot below):

5. Type each command below and hit Enter:
mkdir x;

mount /dev/sda1 x;

chmod 755 x/repair-pi;


(Note: If the system is giving you errors, write
/dev/sda instead of /dev/sda1 for windows-formatted USB sticks)

6. Wait a few minutes until the system says "Everything should be good now"

7. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot the device

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