Importing a CSV file netcfg.csv to Assign a Specific User to a Specific, Static IP

Importing a CSV file (netcfg.csv) to Assign a Specific User to a Specific, Static IP (,,,)

Product Line:  VERDE

Following are details on how to implement Static IP addresses using a Text import file. (see attachment)

NOTE:  The 1st line of the CSV file is for documentation purposes and MUST NOT be included when you ‘Import’ the file into Verde.  This is just to help you understand what data is to be entered into which space/field.


You can add as many rows as you need in the CSV file to define all of the Login IDs and Static IP addresses required.

From Excel, you MUST save this file as a .CSV format.

You can also edit this file using any plain Text editor (Like Notepad).


There are a small number of fields that are required.  (Columns A, B, C, D, E)


Column A:   User Login  (example is Active Directory authentication)

Column B:   Verde Gold image name (Case-sensitive)

Column C:   Static IP address  (must be consistent with IP addresses on LAN segment of Verde server)

Column D:   Sub-net Mask

Column E:   Default Gateway


Column F:   Virtual Machine name (this field is optional and overrides the Desktop Name specified in ‘Active Directory’ Tab in SESSION SETTINGS).

                    This Field can be left ‘blank’ to use the normal naming conventions of SESSION SETTINGS.

Columns G -I:  You don't have to have data.  You do need some Filler data here.  I am using a letter ‘,’ no longer an ;a'.

Column G:  Domain Name
Column H:  AD Admin User Name
Column F:  AD Admin User Password

Future will include DNS IP Address


Screen from CSV Import file


Results after launching the Verde virtual Desktop

You will see below that the Static IP and the Verde Desktop Name from the ‘Import file’ have been implemented within the Live Session.


  Screen from virtual PC Network Adapter  (IP:


Screen from DOS Command  C>  ipconfig


Screen from Verde Management Console:   Reporting – Users –  Live Sessions


See the Static Computer Name from the CSV Import file that OVERRIDES the configuration in SESSION SETTINGS


See the Dynamic Computer Name from the SESSION SETTINGS Configuration