Important Considerations When Using NETCFG Import

Important Considerations When Using NETCFG Import

Product Line:  VERDE

The following are VERY important naming and usage conventions that must be adhered to when using NETCFG.CSV Import. 

  1. When using Active Directory credentials, enter the Login ID in the netcfg using the format:   loginID@LDAPConnectionName

Ex:    userid@verde   NOT userid@verde.local  NOT the Domain FQDN

     2.  Login ID in netcfg is NOT case sensitive (no issue with upper-lower case)

Ex:   userid@verde works the same as userid@VERDE and the same as USERID@VERDE

     3.  Gold image name in netcfg IS Case-sensitive (need to enter the Gold image name EXACTLY as you created it in Verde)

OTHERWISE, the Login will NOT match any entries in the netcfg file and the normal process will occur for TCP IP address and Computer name based on Session Settings.

Ex: w7_32bit is different than W7_32bit


    4.  Incorrect Static IP address in the netcfg will cause Verde client to NOT connect.  It displays the ‘active session’ in the Management Console with the bad IP Address

Ex:  vs     If the correct network is:  192.168.1.x and the Static IP is entered as:   192.168.2.x   -   Verde client will NOT connect to session


    5.  Need ‘NETWORK’ tab in Session Settings set to ‘Bridged’ for Static IP.  If this is set to ‘NAT’ the virtual session will launch and the Verde client will connect, but Verde will ONLY use the Computer name from netcfg and will impose the NAT interface IP address instead of Static IP.

Ex:   If vbinat0 interface on Verde server is set to:   -   the assigned IP will be in the range: ..


    6.  Computer name in the netcfg file should be LIMITED to 15-characters.  Computer names longer than 15-characters will be truncated within the Windows virtual session.

Ex:    labpc-000123456789   WILL be truncated to:   labpc-000123456