Implementing BRIDGE on VERDE (RPM) - Non-BareMetal

Implementing BRIDGE on VERDE (RPM) - Non-BareMetal

Product Line:  VERDE

Enabling BRIDGE in VERDE (RPM) is profoundly different from VERDEOS.  Perform the following:

Your network environment must have a dhcp server.  Determine the name of your NIC VERDE is running on?  As you can see in the screen shot, mine is eth0. 

I put that information “eth0” into the MC/Configuration/General Settings/General Settings/Bridge Interface(s) field as follows:

Once you save this, ensure all the sessions are shutdown and do a verde services restart:  service VERDE restart                                                                                                                                          

 Once VERDE comes back up, you’ll see a change in your ifconfig.  You’ll see  eth0  as well as eth0-- .  This is the BRDIGE NIC.

In the Sessions Settings, on the NETWORK tab, select BRIDGE

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