I have an L130, L230, X350, or X550 thin client - can I still use it?

I have an L130, L230, X350, or X550 thin client - can I still use it?

This information is a statement of a permanenet change of status. Please upgrade to our latest platform vSpace Pro and current compatible devices.  
Legacy L130, L230 units are end-of life and cannot be used with vSpace Pro. If your current version of "Classic" vSpace 6 works with your "aged" thin clients, it will not be affected, however, whenever you have the need to reinstall or re-register vSpace, this will no longer be possible and the only option will be to upgrade to current product.
The natural successor for the L series is the RX300.       

Regarding the X Series, NComputing stopped supporting the X Series on June 2016. 
While in the past, the vSpace software for X Series was able to be registered under a processing fee, since the start of 2022, this option came to an end. 
The X Series product and software are now at a permanent end-of-life status and no service is available for these.
The natural successor of the X Series its the MX100, however there are other new products and services that you can also use to upgrade your units. 

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Last Edited: 01/2022

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