How to use vSpace Pro Health Monitoring feature

vSpace Pro Health Monitoring feature

vSpace Health Monitoring:

  1. Allows administrators to monitor server health, CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, Network IO usage, and number of connected session usage. When the CPU usage exceeds a certain threshold, an alert notification is sent to the IT administrator to make real-time decisions including remotely resetting the vSpace server(s).
  1. Access vSpace health Monitor dashboard in your NComputing Management Portal.
  1. Receive real-time alerts on excessive usage with the NComputing Health Monitor companion mobile app (android only).
  1. Show screenshots (NComputing Management Portal and Android app)
  1. vSpace Health Monitoring is available with an active AMP subscription for vSpace Pro 11LTS or vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition

How to use HealthMonitoring

1.       Open vSpace Console à click Manage Servers

2.       Click the vSpace Server to apply Health Monitor settings

3.       Go to “Premium Features’ and click ‘SETTINGS’

4.       Set the current settings for your device and press ‘APPLY’

5.       Open Manage Portal à Health Monitoring à select the vSpace Server and select the data to view results including ‘LAST 24 HOURS’, ‘LAST 7 DAYS’, and ‘LAST 30 DAYS’

6.       You download and receive alerts on your smartphone based on settings set in Step 4.  NComputing Care is the mobile application for Android

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