How to Upgrade VERDE/VERDEOS 8.1 and Above to 8.2 and Above Using RPMs

How to Upgrade VERDE/VERDEOS 8.1 and Above to 8.2 and Above Using RPMs

Product Line:  VERDE

To upgrade VERDE/VERDEOS 8.1 and above to 8.2 and Above using RPMs,

  1. Ensure all sessions are shutdown
  2. Ensure all gold images are checked in
  3. Stop the VERDE services (VERDEOS service VERDE stop... RPMs /usr/lib/verde/bin/rc.verde stop)
  4. If the old RPMs are still on the /root directory, delete them.
  5. Move the new RPMs are in the /root directory 
  6. Run the following
    1. rpm -Uvh --nodeps --force VERDE*.rpm
  7. VERDE comes back up on its own.
  8. Check out your gold images (one at a time) 
  9. Access them with the mcadmin1 id or the equivalent (this allows the guest tools to auto-update)
  10. Check gold images back in.
  11. You should be ready.

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